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  • Vodafone comes up with faster 4G speeds in Germany 24th August 2013

    Vodafone is enhancing LTE network data speed in Germany to 150Mbps. At present, only the top-notch plans come with this high speed- Vodafone Black, available for €200 per month with data capping of 20GB and Red Premium, costing €110 per month with data capping of 10GB. These plans offer roaming calls, international call minutes, data as well as texts.


    With the launch of this speed limit Vodafone records a 50% rise over its previous mobile internet download limit of 100Mbps. However, there have been no announcements for any increment in the LTE Zuhause at-home service, which currently runs at a maximum of 50Mbps.


    The organization has already launched this raised speed on mobile wireless LTE network in Munich, Dresden, Dusseldorf and Dortmund. This LTE boost is reflective of a continual rise in 4G mobile internet speed increment in Germany.


    Vodafone was the first to bring LTE network in Germany in 2010, which then has a capping of 50Mbps. Deutsche Telekom followed in early 2011, and geared up with 100 Mbps in June, 2011. Currently the plan incorporating this feature is rated at €85 per month and is available with a data capping of 5GB. There is also O2 with €50 per month 50Mbps LTE plan, which comes with a cap of 5GB.                            


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