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  • DOCOMO Unveils 16 New Mobile Devices for Winter/Spring Lineup September 30th, 2014

    TOKYO, JAPAN, September 30, 2014 --- NTT DOCOMO, INC., a personalized mobile solutions provider for smarter living, today unveiled its 2014 winter/2015 spring lineup of mobile devices — seven smartphones, two tablets, two feature phones, one Raku-Raku ("easy-easy") phone, two mobile Wi-Fi® routers, and one each feature phone and wristwatch-type wearable device for kids and juniors — which will launch in Japan on or after October 4.

    The diverse new collection features a range of devices incorporating advanced mobile technologies, including Japan's first Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE) service, mobile Wi-Fi routers compatible with DOCOMO's LTE-Advanced network, and more.

    Some of the many notable features of DOCOMO's new lineup are as follows:

    • All smartphones in the lineup compatible with VoLTE for stable, high-quality voice and video calls.
    • One smartphone and one Wi-Fi router for TD-LTE roaming and two smartphones with expanded 700MHz compatibility for wider LTE roaming.
    • Two mobile Wi-Fi routers compatible with LTE-Advanced for maximum downlink of 225Mbpsnotice1, currently the highest data transmission speed in Japannotice2. The new models will be released in or after February 2015.
    • All smartphones and tablets featuring high-resolution audio for enjoyment of music exceeding CD qualitynotice3.
    • Five smartphones and two tablets capable of extra-fast downloads using LTE and Wi-Fi simultaneously. Also, three smartphones and one tablet able to supplement weak Wi-Fi signal with LTE network for smoother, more stable data transmission.
    • All smartphones and tablets installed with upgraded docomo LIVE UXTM, a home screen application capable of cloud-based operation to allow users to set one home screen for multiple devices and transfer the old home screen to an upgraded device.
    • All smartphones and tablets equipped with upgraded inner camera capabilities such as enhanced photo-editing applications as well as wider-angle lens and panorama mode for diverse selfies.
    • Seventh model in the Disney Mobile on docomo series, a collaboration with The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd., featuring unique designs and content.
    • The first water-resistant Raku-Raku Phone model and an impact-resistant feature phone designed specifically for pre-teens.

    The 2014 winter/2015 spring lineup also includes the DOCOTCHTM, a wearable device for children that combines 3G communications, GPS, Bluetooth® and sensors to monitor level of activity and surroundings, including air temperature and humidity. DOCOMO will launch the device in March 2015 along with its companion DOCOTCH service, a web-based child-safety solution for parents.


    Source: Press release/ Ntt DOCOMO


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