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      Transfer over your contacts and contents


      Depending on your device there is a range of different ways you can bring your contacts and media over to your new phone. One of the easiest ways is with Telstra’s 24×7 Stay Connected app which lets you back-up up to 2GB of contacts, media and data. Just head to your phone’s app store to download it. If you’ve got a Samsung you can use their clever Smart Switch service or if you’re on an iPhone, iCloud.

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      Download 24x7 app


      The Telstra 24×7 app is your new phone’s best friend. You can access updates on your data usage, see your bills and even recharge if you are using a pre-paid service. Best of all you can access support for your service 24×7. To download the app just head to your phone’s app store and search ‘24×7’.

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      Extend your ring time


      If it takes you a while to answer your phone (tight jeans?) extending the amount of time your phone rings for can be a handy way of avoiding missing too many important calls. It’s easy and you can extend in increments of 5 seconds up to 30 seconds. Head here to find out exactly how.


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      Opt-in for data top-ups


      To ensure you never run out of data (or run up unexpected bills) now Telstra customers on eligible plans can opt-in to receive automatic data tops. Each block of 1GB data (or part thereof) is charged at a flat rate of $10.

      To find out how to opt-in here.


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      Set-up your email


      One of best things about having a smartphone is have constant access to your emails. You can set your phone to receive email from almost any mail client you use from Google through to Outlook. Each phone will have a different procedure. The best thing to do is head to Google and look up your phone’s make and model for more details.

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      Download some apps


      Apps are one of the most exciting parts of own a smartphone. Every smartphone has access to an app store of some kind where you can now download apps for almost anything.

      Some of our favourite ‘must-have’ apps are:

      • Facebook – A social networking necessity
      • Google Maps – Amazing maps and navigation tool
      • Pocketbook – A new way of budgeting
      • Flipboard – The coolest way to get your news
      • The NRL and AFL Digital Pass Apps – Watch games live on your phone
      • Foxtel Go – All of your fave shows on the go


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      Keep track of your data usage


      Telstra has a range of ways for you to manage your data usage. We send all post-paid mobile customers real-time data alerts so you can get up to the minute updates on your data usage. You can also log in any time and manage your data usage through the Telstra 24×7 app and My Account 

      The below will also give you a general idea of what activities use data and how much so you can better plan out your usage.

      Activity Average Data Used
      Sending or receiving 40 emails without attachments 2MB
      Visiting 5 different web pages 2MB
      Browsing Facebook for 10 minutes 3MB
      Streaming 10 minutes of audio content 10MB
      Streaming 10 minutes of video on YouTube (standard definition) 70MB
      Making a 10 minute call on Skype (standard not video) 10MB
      Uploading 10 photos 40MB
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      Connect with a Telstra Wi-Fi hotspot


      Telstra is currently building a nationwide network of thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots. We are in the process of converting installing Wi-Fi at 3,500 payphone locationspayphone sites and retail locations, turning them into beacons of connection for you. You can spot a Wi-Fi hotspot by the big pink box on top of one of our payphones or by heading to the Wi-Fi Hotspot Locator. Once you are in range of a hotspot switch on your Wi-Fi and select the Free_Telstra_WiFi option and accept theterms and conditions.


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      Extend your battery life


      Charge your battery fully when you get a new phone
      Try not to let your battery run completely flat
      Don’t let your battery get too hot
      Make sure you use the battery charger that came in the box with your phone
      Lower the brightness on your screen
      Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS can add to your battery drain. Turn off these features if you are not using them
      Shut any apps that you aren’t using

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      Call someone


      With all of the incredible things you can do with smartphones these days it’s easy to forget that you can still use them to make good, old-fashioned phone calls. There’s still nothing like hearing the sound of someone you love’s voice.

      This is a personal post. Any commentary on third party products is not intended to be an endorsement by Telstra and is not intended to imply any association between Telstra and those products or their creators.


      Source: press release /Telstra Blogg


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