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  • HTC news: What to expect with HTC’s Android 5.1 update June 27th, 2015

    If you’ve been keeping up on the latest custom ROMs for the HTC One M9, you may have heard that LlabTooFeR has released MaximusHD 5.0.0 for the HTC One M9 running on Android 5.1. While we’re not exactly sure when HTC will be officially rolling out Android 5.1 for the HTC One M9, LlabTooFeR has shared that the HTC One M8, One E8, One M8s One Desire EYE, Desire 820 and Butterfly 2 will be getting the update sometime after it is released for the HTC One M9.

    We know that everyone has their sight set on Android M already, but that update isn’t fully baked and we don’t even know when Google will be releasing the final code to HTC and other OEMs. Fortunately, Android 5.1 will include a handful of new features which will enhance a few aspects of your handset’s experience.

    Device Protection
    Anyone who’s lost their phone or had it stolen has been able to use Google’s Device Manager app to track it down or wipe the data remotely, but a new feature in Android 5.1 will make it impossible for thieves to use the device unless they have your Google account credentials – even if they perform a factory reset. The feature is automatically enabled when the handset owner uses a secure lock screen on the device.

    Smart Wifi Connections
    Ever connect to a WiFi network, only to find that the internet connection is sloooooow? Google’s new Smart WiFi Connections feature in Android 5.1 remembers all the WiFi networks you’ve connected to and a history log. This new logging system analyzed the WiFi networks around you and  keeps the phone from automatically connecting to WiFi networks which have historically slow speeds or no internet connection at all.

    Priority Mode Improvements
    An update to Priority Mode allows the setting to be disabled when the next phone alarm is triggered. Leaked screen shots of the new feature also show that HTC will be including new icons for Priority Mode which should have it more intuitive for first-time users.

    Display Color Temperature Control
    Let’s face it, the color temperature on a phone’s display can make or break the whole experience. While HTC’s LDC display typically lean towards warmer tones, new color temperate controls will allow user to tweak the color temperature of the LCD panel to their heart’s content.

    Ever feel the need to switch between different user profiles on a single device? To date, the HTC Nexus 9 (running stock Android) is the only HTC device that has this feature. While multi-user support may appear to be a power user feature for managing specific profiles for personal and work accounts, it can also be quite handy for setting up profiles for your children so that you can hand you phone over to them without fearing that they buy $1000 worth of in-game purchases or send your boss an email.

    The features above should all be included in the Android 5.1 update for HTC’s high-end devices and we’re sure HTC will have a few extra surprises for us as well. As soon as we get wind of HTC’s Android 5.1 roll-out plan, we’ll be sure to let you know.


    Source: Press release/HTC blogg 

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