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  • OMTI Services to Render Support to International Remittances 24th August 2013

    Originally launched in 2012, Orange Money Transfer International (OMTI) service facilitates international remittances, wherein clients simply need to log in and register into the OMTI portal for sending funds to relatives and friends in Mali. Customers are allowed to make the payment with almost all major bank cards as well as remit the funds. Now, the operator gears up to launch the service of international money transfer which would facilitate transfers between Senegal, Mali and Cote d\\\\\\\'Ivoire. Presently, around EUR200 million flows across the three countries each year by account of currency transfers.   

    The OMTI service is well-known for the secure and rapid delivery at economical rates straight to the mobile phone of the beneficiary. Registration for the same is not required for the beneficiaries in case of sending funds. Since money is received and sent through mobile phone users can travel without cash. A third party is not required for sending cash.

    Cash senders can now dial #144# from mobile, and enter the recipient’s Orange telephone number followed by the requisite amount to be sent. The fund instantly hits the recipient’s account and is available for transfers, purchases or payments and can even be withdrawn from any nearby Orange Money distributor.

    Thierry Millet, Director of Orange’s payment program and strategic NFC, explains that OMIT is an endeavor to simplify customers’ life. Orange is the first operator to initial international mobile currency transfer in the Western African region.      

    Source: daily news


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